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to soothe my jerk appliance love i doodled crappily
good night

to soothe my jerk appliance love i doodled crappily

good night

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It Must Be Love b/w Calling Cards
Madness, Geffen Records/USA (1983) 

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Brian Tyler,
Iron Man 3



Brian Tyler - Can You Dig It (Iron Man 3 Main Titles)

i still love this


McQueen: Chris E.image

Hicks: Robert Downey Jr.


o my golly pidges
(ooc pesto)

o my golly pidges

(ooc pesto)

added a rick to that vyv pic



It’s more disturbing with the USB cable plugged in.

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"So, it’s back to that stupid static again. You think I don’t know what’s going on in here? I know what goes on in this cottage. It’s a conspiracy…and every one of you low-watts is in on it. Just cause you can move around, you think you’re better than I am. I’m not an invalid. I was designed to stick in a wall! I like being stuck in this stupid wall! I can’t help it…if the kid was too short to reach my dials! It’s my function!"

still not over AC from brave little toaster

may have to cry over general lack of fandom for a little while 


"this fanfiction contains mature themes"

your favorite ship has to file taxes and it’s mad frustrating and creates relationship friction but they get it done and it’s a bonding experience they laugh about later. also eventually they will both die.

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