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This is at least the third time I’ve reblogged this and I’m not sorry

Forever reblog



This is at least the third time I’ve reblogged this and I’m not sorry

Forever reblog

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Gengar is badass no wonder you won with that kickass pokemon! Omg you’re awesome to win! Back then ghost type didn’t have any weaknesses, good old times!

aw yes gengar is awesome <3 i think ghost was weak to psychic though? it was confusing because around that time the anime made out it was the other way round! it was always tense with my friend because we both had a mewtwo, and often my gengar would be against that. luckily gengar was quicker and if hypnosis worked…almost inevitable victory muhaha


And finally, the piece de resistance!

*swoon* *thud* *melt*

(Am I right in thinking that this is the picture you were talking about thatdoodlebug?)

daaaaamn right! <3 my heart squeezed when i saw this

Asker jigsawtimes Asks:
okay so you post about the young ones all the time and i know nothing about it but it seems really cool! what can you tell me about it?
thatdoodlebug thatdoodlebug Said:


Oh! Well, I’m not very good at explaining stuff, so i’ll try to do my best :)

The Young Ones is a surrealist 1980’s comedy about 4 university students sharing a house. I got into it through the Boosh, when one of the stars died last month and Noel wrote about him and the show in a magazine. I’m fairly certain he said somewhere that the show inspired the boosh, or at least influenced it, but I can’t find the interview right now. 
R.I.P Rik, you beautiful bastard.


There’s Rik Mayall as Rick Pratt, a pro-gay, pro-choice, anti-racist, feminist Anarchist, as well as a closeted transvestite and possibly closeted gay or bisexual, but unfortunately these positive traits were mixed with zero maturity and a large amount of insufferability and paranoia

Ade Edmondson as Vyvyan Basterd, a stereotypically violent 1980’s punk with an abusive and neglectful mother who’s studying to be a doctor despite his love of slapstick and explosives

Nigel Planer as Neil Pie/Pye, a depressed hippie constantly looking for recognition and attention

And Christopher Ryan as Mike Thecoolperson, an extremely cool person who’s ten years older than the others but still attends university because he’s blackmailing the dean so he can keep getting student money. He’s suave, smooth-talking, somewhat sleazy and has several possible criminal connections, but this doesn’t stop him being the nicest person in the house.

There’s also Alexei Sayle, who plays not just their communist landlord, but every member of his family.

The show is extremely random, with loose plots connected with smart jokes and good acting, as well as a lot of puppetry and fantasy sequences, such as talking rats and a wardrobe that leads to Narnia.
Famous bands such as Madness, Motorhead and The Damned guest starred at least once an episode, mainly so that they could qualify as a variety show and automatically be awarded a bigger budget.
There’s a lot of slapstick and violence to the point that it resembles a live action Merry Melodies cartoon, and while the characters themselves are not meant to be sympathetic, it’s extremely hard not to like them. The show was considered pretty out there and controversial in it’s time, but it got a massive fanbase, due to how honestly funny and unique it was.

Also, Rick and Vyvyan are hot, so….


Beautiful young Rik as Rest Home Ricky in “Shock Treatment”

(“Young, male intern, tall and handsome.”

"With legs like mine I’m really made for dancing!")

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Professor Brandywine

of course! heh well there you go, autumn ;)

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Haha, I think I’ve forgotten how to play:P My gameboy was yellow, btw - what monster would that make me? George?

yess! …i can’t actually think of any yellow monsters?! hhmmmm

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Omg, I always drugged them with rare candy in the end as I am so impatient! :’D You sure are a clean sport hero! Lol she didn’t understand pokemon at allxD I bought blue version some years ago because it had all the pokemons i liked and red did not

aah i can’t balme you/ getting them to 100 is incredibly tedious the non druggy way -_- the only reason i did this is because i was v competitive with a friend and we thought that rare candy didn’t up the stats very much(i think that is true), so we were both keen to have the very best pokemon possible lol before we battled each other (i still managed to beat her much of the time though…thank you Gengar) .

yeah i was the same! Although i always wanted a Growlithe from Red, lucky my bro had that one so we could trade 8)

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Yep, some of my cartridges have already died. The keep saved games in battery-powered RAM, and once the battery dies… :’( And you can’t even replace the battery without losing data >:(

ah damn! well i’m hoping i can do some kind of transferring thing, like move my old squad from one game to another, or yeah back up the save game somehow? huuh who knows. I might just have to accept these harsh realities of the pokemon world though lol